What is the secret to getting verified?
The "secret" is to actually be notable. We have taken more than 100 personal brands to the next level.
Blac Chyna - Reality TV Star - 16.2 Million Followers
"Hey guys what's up it's Blac Chyna here and I want to let you all know about my good friend Vito. He's in P.R. and he's a great storyteller. So just be looking out for him...he's gonna kill it!"

Below is how you make money as an influencer; even if you are unattractive and talentless (like our CEO - Vito Glazers😃)

STEP 1) Follow The Money - everyone wants to be an influencer, but how are you going to make money from it? Glazers Media helps you develop a clear path to monetization; whether it is helping you offer a service, product(s), courses, live events, fundraising or anything else. We are experts at helping you figure out how you will monetize your audience.
STEP 2) Develop a clear claim to fame - Glazers Media will work to strategically position you as an authority in your industry; whether that is music, art, film, fashion, business, or something else, we will craft your story in a way that is memorable and get your story supported by high level press articles that will give you credibility and authority.
3) Grow your audience - using a combination of "Celebrity Giveaways" and paid media, Glazers Media will help you build a targeted audience of fans who want to buy the story and offer you are selling. Whether your goal is to launch a product, or land your own television show, having a large, targeted and engaged following is the asset of every influencer.
4) Content and Value - Glazers Media not only helps you craft your story, but helps you develop your own business around sharing your expertise with your audience, and creating fans into customers. By providing media and public speaking training, as well as television, radio, podcast, events and stage booking, Glazers Media helps you take your story to the world.

Glazers Media helps you every step of the way; 
use your expertise and become an influencer in your industry!

The "Secret List" of requirements to get verified on social media:
Even the direct employees of the world's largest social media platforms don't all know the exact criteria it takes to get verified, as it varies case by case, is constantly changing, and is purposely elusive. 

Verification is typically reserved for notable public figures, such as; musicians signed to major record labels, Actors with major or recurring roles in nationally or globally broadcasted television shows or films, major party political candidates, members of the press, and any individual that has received significant media coverage and meets other notability requirements. 

Here are a few things the owners of verified accounts seem to all have in common (again, this is just our opinion):
1) Have a clear claim to fame.  Why are you famous?
2) Have at least 10+, current, major media outlets or trade publications supporting your claim to fame. 
3) Appear on at least one major authority website, such as Wikipedia, IMDB, or other authorities.
4) Have professionally produced, well-curated, and original content, real followers, and good engagement.
5) Have a secret Illuminati hookup or connection to the Skull and Bones (this last one is a joke, maybe). 

Although Glazers Media can not guarantee verification (and warns you against anybody who claims they can), our agency can help you develop your claim to fame, get you featured in the media, help you create content that qualifies for authority sites, and grow your audience and engagement with real followers.  The burden of getting initiated into secret societies still falls on you, but we can make an introduction.
"Vito Glazers is so smart, he puts Elon Musk to shame."
Adrianne Curry
[America's Next Top Model]

(Yes, she actually said this)
"Vito...you got my attention. You don't get somebody's attention, you're not going anywhere. "
Grant Cardone
[$740,000,000 in Real Estate Holdings]
"Vito is awesome. Thank you for all you do."
Joy Villa
[Billboard Top 12 Recording Artist]

Become an Influencer
Even if you could just pay for a blue check, here is why you should not.
Even if you have someone telling you that they supposedly have a connection to a blue checkmark at any social media network, the checkmark alone will not bring you any more traffic, leads or sales. 

If you "cheat" the system to obtain it on one network, when things move to another network, you will just have to cheat the system again, and be constantly chasing your tail. On the flip side, if you build your personal brand on a foundation of great content, and value to your audience, and make yourself "verifiable" - you will automatically get verified every time a new platform comes out, and will have an offer ready to monetize followers on every traffic platform for the length of your career.

If your goal is to build a real, personal brand, with a genuine following built around delivering value to your audience through high quality content, and doing such a great job that you will hopefully get some recognition and awards along the way, then please book a time to speak to one of our experts. Or text 323-553-3786!

Everyone has a story to tell, and an audience that needs to hear it!
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